What We Do

Planet Zamina is a new technology start-up company which aims to create a step change in Australia’s energy transition and sustainability through the application of innovative processes and leading technologies. It is envisaged that these technologies will significantly contribute to the reduction of Australia’s emission while supporting the hydrocarbon and resource industries by converting their products into clean energy and other valuable products. These technologies are highly mature and developed and ready for the construction.


Planet Zamina is a solely Australian-based technology start-up company. The Planet Zamina multidisciplinary team, with extensive business and technology leadership and expertise across numerous industry sectors, are tackling the most difficult engineering challenges and problems of our life time. Planet Zamina aims to significantly contribute to address climate change issues and achieve Australian emission reduction targets while promoting a strong hydrocarbon and resource economy. Most approaches to decarbonizing envisage the reduction of reliance on hydrocarbons, as essential to achieve the solution. Planet Zamina approach is to achieve clean energy and Australian emission reduction targets while promoting new and clean use of hydrocarbon resources. The core of the team was formed in 2007. The initial purpose was to tackle two main problems in middle-east countries including energy inefficiency and water shortage. Between 2007 to 2010 we successfully improved the efficiency of conventional Power-Generation-Seawater-Desalination methods by 20%. That project was replicated three times for large industrial complexes between 2010 to 2016.

GFWP Octarine H2

Project GFWP is a plan designed to help with climate change. Here, we still use hydrocarbons for feed and have similar productions as other refineries,

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Between 2016 to 2018 we shifted our focus to minimize the environmental impact of the process. As a result, we designed a "Zero Liquid Discharge" seawater desalination.By March 2018 our focus turned towards another ambitious challenge. This time we decided to face humanity's greatest threat, The Climate Change Issue.It was not an easy decision at the time. Simply because there was and is a strong competition in this market. People had been working on these issues for many years. So, in order to position Planet Zamina properly in this market, we needed to achieve this through an exceptional breakthrough.Through systematic, comprehensive and multidisciplinary R&D and engineering, the team was able to tailor our technologies to effectively address key factors contributing to climate change, particularly to produce clean energy and demineralized water via an innovative hydrocarbon conversion process. The team worked relentlessly for over many months developing, designing and engineering the process, capable of converting hydrocarbons into clean energy and valuable products through a Zero-waste and Zero-emissions process. The results have been overwhelmingly promising. The plant is now ready to be built, and with a high level of confidence we are able to solve the climate change issues across Australia in a commercially sustainable way and through a Zero-waste and Zero-emissions process. As an extra achievement, the plant development, construction and operation has been designed to be largely self-reliant and does not require significant infrastructure.